Our Botanicals

Welcome to The Botanical Apothecary where you can find our signature collection of 22 herbal infusions & create your own blends!

Sourced from certified organic and/or pesticide-free plants that are consciously harvested, L’Apothicaire Botanique is proud to provide you with the option to create your own blend or choose from one of our own. You can trust that both options will provide you with delicious and potent herbs that will help raise your vibration and nourish you with every sip.

Each blend will always contain only plant magick; no additives, sweeteners or colourings!

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Create your Own Blend

At L’Apothicaire Botanique we practice individualized care. We encourage you to explore, build, name and share your custom herbal formulas. This feature is a great tool for Naturopathic Doctors, Herbalists and all Medicine Makers.

Help yourself to the collection of herbs found in our Botanicals section. Get creative, familiarize yourself with the plants and if you have any questions, please book a consultation with one of our herbal experts. We are always happy to help.


Meet our Practitioners

Want to build a custom blend and aren’t sure where to start? Connect with our holistic practitioners who can create a bespoke botanical blend exclusively for you.


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